The Microsoft® Hover! Game

Do you remember the Windows 95 Hover! game? It was released and shipped on the Windows 95 CD. You could either start the game via the autorun application or in the subfolder funstuff of the CD. The game had the internal project name Bambi and showed the 32-bit capabilities of Windows 95 to this time. Today it reminds you of the old MS Dos games. Also Hover! uses some of the old techniques to speed up and simulate 3D graphics.

The purpose of this page is to give you some information about this game and mainly provide you tools for editing texture and maze files. With the help of reverse engineering I was able to reconstruct the tex- and maz-file formats. Currently I am porting most of the old code to C# to provide new versions of the tools.

Frontansicht aus dem Hover! in Level 1

Hover! was implemented as browser game

Hover! was implemented as JavaScript browser game at The page was taken offline.


22.10.2022: Add information for Hover! beta/prototype versions.

02.10.2013: Complete update and software previews.

Last update: 22.10.2022