Start Hover! and wait for the screen that asks you to start a new game by pressing F2. Instead of playing a new game, hit control and enter IBMAB. After that you can drive through the maze (small.maz). You will find the pictures with names of the Hover! developer team.

small.maz - Easteregg in Microsoft Hover!

Additional information in the status bar

If you open hover.exe in a resource editor, add some new entries for the main menu. Add a new menu item with the id 59393, then save and restart Hover!. Start a new game and click on the new menu item in the game. You will get some additional information about the game in the status bar.

Debug-Informationen zu Hover! per Resource-Hack

These IDs are known:

59393 = Shows the statusbar

High Scores

The names from the Hover! team in the high score list. But who is Charles, Patrick and Tony?

The Hover! team in the high scores.